Family Tradition


Reward in time

The choice of believing in this work was a brave investment with its difficulties but, at the same time, really rewarding. Since 1991 we enhance our local typical cookery courses with care and devotion,by bringing all our love, attention and genuineness in our job and every day we try to live and to transmit them in our shop.

Genuiness and reception

We undertake to receive our customers by proposing unique courses, typical products, traditional and chosen cookery,made of local genuine ingredients. We follow the philosophy of “do well” and of “feel well” in order to make a Zero Km highly checked production. We place taste and kwonledge at your disposal with scrupolous care, they are the results of our experience and of our direct knowledge of a territory we are in love with.

“Feel well” cookery

Orecchietta is a shop of experience in which we keep and spread the culture of mediterranean food-and-wine connoisseurship; a place where you can discover the best results of cookery typical courses of Salento and Puglia. We wait for you in Guagnano, a small village near Lecce, to offer you a small corner of cookery “warmth”.